How to Use the Samsung Camera Settings to Hide Your Screen in Android Wear

Google is rolling out an Android Wear device, a smartwatch with a face recognition sensor, that looks more like a smart phone than a traditional smartwatch.

Samsung is not doing that.

Instead, it’s releasing a new Android Wear smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

And its camera is all about the face.

The Samsung Gear features an optional face recognition system that automatically identifies you in the background and sends a message to the wearer when the face is on a screen.

If you want to use the device with your phone, you can turn off face recognition, but that will not hide the face in the notification shade.

But if you want the device to look just like your phone — like you’re wearing it on your face — you can still do that.

You just have to make sure the face detection is turned on.

There are two modes of face recognition: face recognition and voice recognition.

Both modes can be turned on by a toggle on the Gear’s display.

The face recognition mode will be turned off if you’re using the device for work.

The voice recognition mode allows you to use voice commands to perform basic functions.

For example, you could say “Ok Google, set my alarm to go off at 8am.”

If you were wearing the Gear while at work, you would use voice recognition to turn the alarm on at the correct time.

To use voice search, you must press and hold the volume up button and the phone’s camera button together for a few seconds, and then press and release the button at the same time.

You can also say “OK Google, do I have an email?” in order to open the email app.

The Gear can be used on the go.

If the device is plugged into a power source, you’ll need to use your phone to power the Gear, not the power button.

The device also has two sensors on the wrist, one on each side of the wrist.

The first sensor detects the pressure and the second is the temperature of the environment.

You will need to adjust these sensors depending on your body type and the type of clothing you wear.

There’s a sensor on the back that detects movement, and there’s also a sensor that measures your heartbeat.

If your device is on and your device’s sensor is off, you won’t be able to use it.

There is also a gyroscope on the front of the device, and it measures your orientation.

If these sensors are off, the Gear will not be able help you orient your Gear.

The Galaxy Gear comes with a bunch of apps and games that are all compatible with the Android Wear software.

For instance, you have the Google Now app that lets you search for apps and ask questions.

You also have the Samsung Pay app, which is designed for Android Wear and can be a handy companion to pay for things on the road.

There also is an app called Smart Activity, which helps you track your health and fitness.

For a complete list of apps, check out this Samsung blog post.

The watch also has a camera, which can record video and capture images.

Samsung says the Gear comes in four different colors, with the white one being the “premium” color.

Samsung also says the watch will be available starting in the first quarter of 2019.

The smartwatch features a 7-inch 1080p display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and a 2GB of RAM.

It also has an optional 2,560mAh battery.

It is available in three sizes: a 26mm, 34mm, and 42mm.

You don’t need to buy the Gear to use this smartwatch if you don’t plan to use an Android phone or tablet.

You’ll just need a Samsung smartphone or tablet to use Android Wear.

It will also work with Google Glass.

We’ll get to why that is in a minute.

We should also note that the Gear works with the Gear Connect app that comes with Android Wear devices.

That means if you have a Samsung Galaxy Note or an HTC One, both of which run the Gear software, you will be able use Android Pay and Samsung Pay to pay using your phone or watch.

The wearable also comes with some new smartwatch apps.

Samsung Pay for Android is the first smartwatch app to work with Android Pay.

Samsung Wallet for Android lets you pay in a variety of ways, including with NFC and QR codes.

You could also use the Gear Pay app to make payments with Samsung Pay, or if you like, use the Google Pay app for Android Pay as well.

The Android Pay app is a fairly new app.

It came out last summer, and Google recently rolled out a few more Android Pay apps to support the Gear.

However, the Google Wallet app, unlike the Gear or Google Pay, doesn’t have support for Android or NFC.

Samsung has also been making some changes to Android Wear, but it’s not as significant as the changes to Google Glass or Google Assistant.

The fact that Samsung is now introducing a smart

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