Basics of digital photography

Durdle Door taken Panasonic G9

A good way of learning digital photography is knowing the basics. Lot of photographers talk about technical settings of digital camera and it is overwhelming.

I found videos of Thorsten von Overgaard who explains the history of photography . These basics of photography are relevant to the digital camera photographer today as it was to a film photographer long time ago.


What is Sharpness in Photography ? Sharpness is about getting great detail of attention on the photograph.


Aperture is a way to increase the focus. And it is a way to change the exposure


ISO means how sensitive is a piece of film or the sensor to the light.

White Balance

White balance is a camera setting that adjusts the color balance of light

I hope you find the above films help to understand the basics of digital photography and hope you can do better. Please share your thoughts and any videos in the comment below which will help other readers to improve their photography.

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