How to use custom function settings like a pro

Evergreen rose taken by Panasonic G9

There are lot of photographers tutorials that explain on how to use custom function settings on Panasonic G9. But I feel Sean Norona explains how to use is like a pro.

Help Menu

Panasonic camera help website explains on how to program the custom function (FN) keys. – Panasonic G9. Click here. That all the technical stuff but more important how and when to use them.

How to use like a professional

Sean Norona recommends on his channel following custom settings:

  • C1 – jpeg photos
  • C2 – Raw photos
  • C3 – Video setting
    • C3-1 – 4K @ 24 frames per second: This is used when people are talking or interacting
    • C3-2 – 4k @ 60 frames per second: This is for 4k slow motion to make it extra dramatic or it will be good in this shot
    • C3-3 – 180 frames per second at variable frame rate

That way it is easy to toggle between regular motion, slow motion and super slow motion at push of the button

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